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Social media marketing¬†is becoming increasingly important.¬†Numerous companies have already recognized this.¬†There are many reasons for this.¬†Most users stay on such platforms every day.¬†Therefore, social media posts offer a good opportunity to draw attention to your own company.¬†It can also arouse interest.¬†However, it is a lot of work to constantly create new posts and then to publish them on the user’s respective platforms.¬†For this, HubSpot¬†offers you products¬†with which you can almost automate your social media activities.

You can find out how you can optimize social media marketing with HubSpot in our article. 

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How to use HubSpot tools for social media 

First, it is important to create a buyer persona . Many seo companies Dubai already employed HubSpot in tere online marketing strategy. The HubSpot Marketing Automation Tools will also help you with this . Knowing the target group is so important because you can then determine which portals your potential customers visit regularly. If you offer products for young people, Snapchat and Instagram are well suited. If you want to convince older people of your offers, Twitter and Facebook would be a better choice. If you are active in B2B marketing, LinkedIn and Xing would be the right portals.

One of the most common social media activities is that you create new blog posts and then immediately advertise them on the relevant portals. Links are then created that point directly to your blog. With the HubSpot social media tools, you get the tools you need to create an automated feed management system. This saves you a lot of work. 

Perfect planning of social media with HubSpot 

HubSpot’s social media management tools are quite extensive and useful. As soon as you find some time, you can prepare posts or blog articles and save them. You then create a plan for publishing your posts. You can specify the dates very precisely. This then applies not only to the respective day, but even to the hour and the minute. HubSpot’s social media management system then automatically publishes the desired posts. This is also very useful if you are on vacation. In this case, you can already prepare several contributions, which will then be automatically inserted and published at the desired time. This way you always stay in touch with your followers.

But that’s not the only advantage. If you run a blog, it is important that you continuously create new posts there as well. If your activities are idle, your blog falls behind in the ranking. Of course, no one wants that. That’s why the social media tools at your disposal with HubSpot are important for your entire business. 

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Social media monitoring with HubSpot 

The most important thing is that your social media activities lead to success. It is therefore absolutely essential that you carry out social media analyzes at regular intervals . It is important to determine exactly which measures are successful. HubSpot’s all-in-one social media tools offer you very extensive monitoring. This may seem a bit more complicated than it actually is. The background is that both prospects and customers like to communicate via their social media channels. Through tracking, you can already find out how your company is perceived from the outside. This is important because you can react to it at any time. 

You should also set it up so that users can comment on your posts or your blog posts. Now, of course, you can’t read through every single comment. That’s why HubSpot offers you interesting features for your activities in the social media area. Topics in the comments can be listed by specific keywords. The principle is roughly comparable to the Google search. The only difference is that the algorithm integrated in HubSpot only searches through the messages of your prospects or customers.

During the evaluation, you may find that there are always questions or criticism for numerous users on a specific topic. You could then use this to publish a suitable post on the respective topic. This not only serves to eliminate uncertainties or misunderstandings, but also improves contact and the relationship with your customers. They feel good when they feel that their problems or concerns are being taken seriously. 

HubSpot Social Media Marketing can do a lot more 

On the one hand, it is about evaluating the comments of the customers. But these cannot always be found directly on your own posts or under the posts in a blog. The company is often discussed outside of one’s own reach. This can be forums or foreign blogs. Your company can also play a role in many social media posts. That’s why HubSpot’s social media management tools also offer you a search across the entire web. To do this, you can enter appropriate keywords, which are then searched for. Therefore, you will find out on which platforms your company or your offers play a role. 

With this knowledge, you can prevent a shitstorm at an early stage. For example, you can provide more clarity and transparency on your own posts. But there is another advantage. As soon as you can find out which portals are about your articles or services, you could extend your social media activities to them as well. This sometimes makes you realize that there are interest groups that you might not have expected before. 

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Social media listening using HubSpot products 

Social media monitoring and social media listening are sometimes confused. Sometimes these terms are even considered synonyms. But it is not that simple. Data is collected and evaluated during social media monitoring. The benefits of this have already been described above. Social media listening is about using the knowledge and developing new social media strategies from it. Both therefore go hand in hand. 

As you can see, doing social media with HubSpot offers you a lot of advantages. You have an extensive range of social media management tools from HubSpot at your disposal. This makes it easy to automate social media activities!

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