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Tips To Make It Easier To Choose Sunglasses Suitable For Face Types

Everyone wishes to choose sunglasses, which are our most needed accessory, especially in sunny summer months, were as easy as liking. A pair of sunglasses that are not suitable for the face can spoil the outer appearance’s real beauty.

When buying glasses, instead of using sunglasses that are the season trend but do not fit your face, you should choose the one that is compatible with your face. We have compiled the tricks that will make it easier to select sunglasses suitable for the face type for you.

Types of faces and suitable sunglasses

1- Oval Face

When determining the oval face type, a relatively sharp chin and not a very wide forehead attract attention. The length of the face is longer than its width. Cheekbones are striking. 

If you have oval facial features, you are fortunate because almost every model eyeglass frame is suitable for oval faces is considered the ideal face type. Square shaped frames with soft corners and rising towards the temple are especially suitable for oval face types. The only thing you need to pay attention to is staying away from frames that will disrupt your face’s natural proportion.

2- Round face

There is almost no difference between the length and width of the face on round faces. Cheeks are plump, and the look is circular. If your face areas are not wider than each other, you have a round face type. 

If you have a round face, the models you choose should capture the contrast in your face. In particular, you should select square and rectangular framed models that will make your face look longer. Round, small and downward widening eyeglass frames should not be preferred for round faces.

3- Square Face

It is the type of face whose length and width are almost the same. Facial features are firm and prominent. If the width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw corners is the same, you should choose glasses that will make your face oval. 

Your eyeglass frame choice should be thin and curved frames that will soften the corners of your face. Geometric or rectangular frames should not be your choice. Cat-eye style and round frames will look great on you.

4- Diamond Face

If your forehead is narrow and your chin is small and pointed, you have a diamond face shape. Your cheekbones attract attention, making up the widest part of your face. The glasses model you choose should show your forehead and chin wide and your temples narrow. 

Choosing frames with a prominent upper edge will show your forehead complete. Glasses with heavy upperparts and emphasized corners are the best models for you. It is beneficial not to prefer low-shank models and patterned glasses.

5- Rectangular Face (Long face)

The length of the face is longer than its width. 

If you have a rectangular face shape, we can say those round models that will soften your look are for you. You can easily choose models with wide frames. Having the models, you choose horizontal helps to hide the excessive length of the face. Cat-eye models, oval or geometric shaped frames will be perfect for long face types. Instead of thick and patterned eyeglass handles, thinner eyeglass handles make your face look shorter. The important thing is not to prefer small and narrow frames around your eyes.

6- Heart-Shaped Face

It is the type of face with a narrow lower part and a wide upper part. So, the forehead and cheeks are broad. The chin is narrow and pointed. 

Angular glasses that do not have much detail on the top of the frame will balance your face. Small, round frames will look great on you. To give volume to the area under your cheekbone, you should choose models with a thin upper part and a thick lower part. The frames you choose should make the line below eye level wide and balance your narrow chin to achieve full aesthetics.

7- Inverted Triangle Face

Broad forehead, high cheekbones, narrow chin. You should prefer models that help show the wide forehead narrower. 

Frames with a wider bottom and low-stem glasses allow you to create a balanced image on your face.

8- Triangle Face (Pear Face)

The chin and cheeks are wide, and the forehead is narrow. The important thing in this face type that expands towards the chin is to prefer models that emphasize the upper part of the face and the eye area. 

It would be best if you stayed away from low stem frames that will show your forehead complete. The glasses you prefer should be flush with your temples or chin width. Rimless models are very suitable for this face type. You can also choose half-frames that will add volume to the narrower part of your face. Pilot type glasses and cat-eye models will look good on you.