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Start Cleaning today with the best vacuums for hardwood floors and pet hair

Those hardwood floors in your home are beautiful when they are clean. But if you have a pet that spills, keeping those floors free of dirt and debris can be a real challenge. Using a heavy Upright Vacuum that intended to plow through thick rugs can damage your beautiful floors. The best vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair is one that is gentle on surfaces, lightweight, easy to slide under tables and chairs, but super powerful when it comes to sucking on pet hair.

Finding the right hardwood vacuum can be tricky. While all major brand vacuums have the power it takes to efficiently capture pet hair, quite a few Vacuums that are great for carpets are simply not made for hardwood surfaces. Their stiff brush bristles and hard plastic wheels can scratch or dent, some have floor heads that easily get clogged with fur, and others have small-capacity dust cups that quickly overwhelm, especially if you have multiple furry pets.

As we talk about dealing with a pet’s hair, you can reduce shedding and aspiration by scheduling regular grooming sessions for your pet. Book a professional or make time to do it yourself. After all, combing your cat or brushing your dog is more enjoyable than cleaning the house, although these hardwood-friendly vacuums will make your housework considerably easier!

Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and pet hair

Most of the machines similar to the IRobot Roomba e6 6198 wi-fi connected robot vacuum on our list have rubberized (or gummed plastic) wheels and high-quality brushes to protect the floor, and most importantly, powerful suction to remove pet hair clinging to baseboards and stairs. . The best of them have low-profile brushes that allow you to reach under furniture. Some have LED “headlights” mounted on the brush head to help you spot that pet hair drifts under the bed or behind the couch.

Ken Raasch, Vacuum Business Manager for Quality Sewing & Vacuum in Western Washington (and pet parent of a lab mix) adds some expert advice: “If you’re getting an, look for one that vents the air filtered upward, rather than underneath or behind, “he says. This will prevent dust and skin that you haven’t yet reached from flying around the rooms. “And if you are dealing with odors from your dog, look for a vacuum just like with a very good sealed air system and activated carbon filters.”

Fortunately, several manufacturers now offer vacuums specifically designed for pet hair and hardwood floors that include many of these features. We think you will love these machines (even if your pets don’t).

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner

By comparing the latest best three vacuums which include and Bissell Upright Vacuum. they all are specifically designed for hardwood floors. Features a unique squeegee system that sucks pet hair off the floor and funnels it into the vacuum, the unusual V-shaped foot is designed to make it easier to pick up dirt and pet hair around the table and chair legs. It’s no wonder this void has such a dedicated following of satisfied customers (and pet owners!). An Amazon reviewer praises the quality of this vacuum, noting that you never have to replace the filters, you just rinse them, let them air dry, and they’re ready to go again.

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