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5 Quick Tips About How To Buy The Perfect Sofa Bed Today

Do friends or relatives often come to visit and forget to leave? How many of us do not have one bedroom dedicated to guests, the most suitable solution is a sofa bed? For relaxation, asleep and sleeping, sofa beds work just as well in a living room and a bedroom small, a guest room or even an office and give extra flexibility and functional space. 

Find out everything you need to know about how to find the ideal sofa for your space and needs


1. For generous spaces, sofas that turn into king-size beds

With dimensions similar to a double bed, three-seater sofas are ideal if you plan to you extend the sofa every day or if you frequently have guests who spend the night with you. Such a sofa should be comfortable both to sit and watch your favourite movies but also for a peaceful and restful sleep. 

2. For narrow spaces, extra functional sofas

More comprehensive than a single bed but not as complete as a double bed, a two-seater sofa it is compact enough to fit in tight spaces without taking up too much space. Extendable armchairs are ideal in spaces where you could not imagine a bed. Match perfectly in any room, regardless of its size and prove their effectiveness of each once a guest suddenly settles in your home.

3. For a restful sleep, sofas with smart mattresses

The design of the sofa bed determines the type of mattress that fits in the available space. If you plan to extend it occasionally, a sofa with a foam mattress or springs is more than appropriate. If, however, you intend to use it as a bed frequently, you should orient yourself to a sofa with a polyurethane mattress; that is, from sponge with different densities that make from that mattress an orthopedic mattress or a super orthopedic mattress. Whatever you choose, your guests will enjoy, they will enjoy a peaceful sleep. 

4. For rooms that need storage space

A place for which storage spaces are limited, a sofa bed provided with such a space can be more than useful. A storage box is ideal for linen bedding, pillows, duvet, or blanket that are used to transform the sofa into a bed.

5. For ease of expansion, enough space in the room

Extending the sofa and putting it back together must be a child’s business, i.e. straightforward and easy to make, without the need to move furniture, carpets, or other decorative elements from the room. It is recommended to measure the space available for extension in the destination room before you order a couch.

A suitable sofa bed can completely transform a room; choose a functional one and comfortable and will be perfect for your relaxing moments that turn into moments in which gives a total break to the body – sleep.

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