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A wrongly chosen shampoo, whether you have dry, greasy, or damaged hair after dyeing, will aggravate your hair problems. Because the offer is vibrant, you will need to know precisely which formula is beneficial for your hair type before searching for the right shampoo. The advice of specialists will help you orient yourself more easily. As much as possible, try to take care of your hair with products that contain natural ingredients: nettle, aloe vera, natural oils, etc., as opposed to those whose label you do not understand anything. If you have been having problems with your hair for some time and cannot improve its appearance, use organic shampoos. 

Oily Hair Shampoo 

Look for shampoos that include chamomile, sage, nettle, tea tree oil, green clay, or lemon oil. They cleanse the scalp, have a purifying effect, absorb and control excess sebum. Apply shampoo twice, always using a small amount of product, massage the scalp as gently as possible and rinse the hair very well at the end, but with lukewarm water, not hot. When it’s hot outside, let it dry naturally. If you have to use the dryer instead, make sure that its temperature is as low as possible. In your case, washing your hair every day does nothing but increase sebum secretion. Use a conditioner or mask once a week and only from the middle down or only on the tips.

Dry Hair Shampoo

Shampoo for dry and brittle hair has a dull appearance, lacks shine, has no shape, and is challenging to arrange.

In the scalp and dry hair, the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands is too small to hydrate the hair to the tips, so in most cases, they split very quickly. Argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, honey, avocado, and panthenol will nourish the hair, rehydrate it, and restore its structure. In addition to shampoos with repairing, fortifying action, organic, herbal ones are an excellent alternative. Of these, we mention those with birch, chamomile, or aloe vera leaf extract. Gray hair also falls into this category, so if you have chosen not to dye it, take care of it in the same way.

Shampoo For Wavy Or Curly Hair 

It is generally fragile, dry, and dull. It would be best if you had a nourishing shampoo that gives shine and a specific elasticity meant to highlight the curls’ beauty. Specialists recommend products based on bamboo extract, palm oil, or any other oils with nourishing properties for this type of hair. Use a mask suitable for curly hair and always comb after application to manage the hair and distribute it evenly. For a better definition of curls, as long as the mask works, shape your curls with your fingers. Apply curly hair mousse and let it dry naturally, because this way the curls will sit best or use a hairdryer with a diffuser and dry the hair from the tips to the root, sitting upside down.

Dyed Hair Shampoo 

Specially created products provide the care you need because they nourish, protect the hair from dyeing effects, and give the color shine. Among the ingredients you need to consider when choosing your shampoo are shea butter (keeps the color), green tea (protects the hair), and jojoba oil (gives shine). Use a regenerating mask, suitable for dyed hair, and take care of tips with oils or other special products. 

What Kind Of Shampoo Should You Use For Dandruff?

You need a shampoo that can heal, soothe the scalp, and eliminate itching. Some of the best anti-dandruff ingredients are mint, sulfur, and ginseng. There are also ampoules of ginseng and mint on the ceiling that you can use as a treatment. Also, it is good not to wash your hair more than three times a week.

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