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contact lenses price in pakistan

Contact lenses are a great way to enhance your persona. You can wear the lenses and rock any personality from glittery gray to dusky green, all colors looks great. However, contact lenses also have  a fair share of precautions that needs to be taken in order to avoid inconvenience.

Moisture in the lens can dry your eyes by drawing water to your eyeballs, leaving your eyes much worse off than before. You might have to try a few contact lenses solutions to figure out what works best for you to keep your eyes surface moist.

You can head over to to find Pakistan’s best contact lenses at reasonable rates that will not be heavy on your wallet. Their wide collection has all the best contact lenses price in Pakistan to hunt for. They have a wide variety of premium brands of contact lenses. To find the best quality lenses brands in Pakistan, you can also explore the eye lens price in Pakistan from

Best Brands Eye Lens Prices In Pakistan

One of the fine choices of eye lenses is Soft contact lenses that are best suited to those with dry eyes. This is because it’s material is designed to retain water and allow ample oxygen flow. Both of these features help keep the eyes surface moist.

Opting Silicone hydrogels contact lenses is another way to keep your eyes protected from getting dry due to extended contact lenses wear. These are especially useful for dry eyes as the material does not allow the water to evaporate from the eyes. The drawback is they will cost more. However, convenience can well outweigh any extra expense. Here is the list of eye lenses brands that are pretty popular among the masses.

Bella contact lenses

All Bella Brands are available in a range of exclusive colors, which are designed to enlarge the eyes while maintaining the sensuality of the skin, with complete protection against ultraviolet rays. It is not just the colors of the lens but also the convenience of the eyes that is the highest priority of all the Bella Collections.

Dahab contact lenses

Dahab Diamond is your shade when you are hunting for the dark-gray color. This stylish lens comes with a thin limbal ring that shifts to the softer gray towards the iris, offering the most outstanding color that has won the customer’s appreciation. Pick them to complete the look throughout the day and the evening. These stylish lenses have high visibility and you can be sure they cover dark eyes well. Dahab Diamond soft contact lenses can be worn every day for up to 6 months. 

Freshlook contact lenses

Freshlook contact lenses are also considered to give rise to a variety of sub-brands, for example, pure vision. By contrast with other brand names, higher levels of oxygen delivery have made a new variety and globally the purest vision for contact lenses. Such lenses can best be used by people who work on a screen and who suffer from dry or fragile eyes for long working hours.

Acuvue contact lenses

When exposed to a higher level of light, their lenses need less than one minute to turn on; they can take up to 90 sec to clear when the exposure of light is decreased, as when returning indoors. Even in their clearest state, these lenses are filtering around 15 percent of light. This low-light filtration allows indoor and night-time driving, thus reducing the brightness of car lights and indoor light sources.

Bausch & Lomb

The revolutionary technology behind contact lenses was expected to have its implications. The lenses are more comfortable, versatile and smoother. The daily contact lens consumer now had the best set of contact lenses. Now, at this point, the word “soflens” was a household name and was present in the vocabulary of each person. Today, alternatives for Bausch and Lomb contact lenses are also commonly available.

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